My role models

The superwoman

God must have a beautiful garden for he only picks the best

This woman has inspired me to be the go-getter that I am. I remember she used to tell me, “ngwana mma, never stop believing in yourself and please make sure you end up living your dreams no matter what the cost.” She will always stay close to my heart.

I live for this woman

The love that she has for me and the whole family is just too much…she has taught me everything I know and when I grow up I wanna be just like her.

Mom and dad’s 30 year anniversary

These two people make me believe in love. Them being married for so many years and me growing up in their loving family and witnessing the kind of love that they have for each other has led me to believe in fairy-tales and happily ever afters. I believe that there is a prince somewhere out there coming for me…I believe in love because of my parents.

The woman that raised me to be the wonderful lady that I am

This superb woman practically raised me because she started helping out at my house and being my nanny when I was just 2 years old and today I am almost 20 years old and she is still around. She raise me and my siblings and now she is raising my sibling’s kids…one of these days she’s gonna be raising my babies as well if God blesses her and grants her more years to come. I am so grateful to have her in my life because she plays a very big role in it. She is such a great mother, a wonderful nanny and a superwoman. she deserves all the best things life has to offer and a Woman of the Decade award if not Century.

Moloko “Nnana wa mmane” I love this girl to bits!

Twarisane “Buhlebenkosi” ka nnete

These two girls are the reason I’m breathing. I made a promise to their mother that I will take care of them at all costs. I am so proud that they are growing up to be responsible little madame’s.


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