My Inspirations

My family members are my role models and I look up to them. I can’t really say Celebs are my role models because they don’t know me and I don’t know them, they are just my inspiration because they inspire me to follow in their footsteps and to achieve greatness. The following are some if not all of the people who make me wanna do great things in my life and dream big:

The Queen Bee

Bonang Matheba has achieved so much at a very young age. She is an amazing human being and has several awards to her name. At 25, she has achieved way more than some 50 year olds can only dream of. She is just bubbly and has loads of talent, smoking hot as she is, she manages to live life to the fullest and be very humble towards her supporters. I really look up to her and she inspires me to work hard so that at least when I’m 25 I can say I have achieved something even if it’s not that much. She has graced a lot of magazine covers with pride, style and finesse and her dress sense is just on another level. I got mad love for Bonang.

The real Blaq Pearl looking so hot in a Silvester Falata creation

Pearl Thusi just oozes awesomeness. Her beautiful smile, her laugh and her oh-so-sexy body are just some of the amazing things I admire when it comes to her. She is the epitome of beauty and I love her passion. She is the reason I’m always glued to my screen when Real Goboza is on air. I just love her and the way she conducts herself. She inspires me to be the better person that I am.

The youngster with a heart

The man with a beautiful voice…Shaka Sisulu is the reason I sleep at 4am every Thursday morning because of listening to his radio show. He’s also the reason I’m actively involved regularly with most charities. He always speaks so much sense and he likes tackling pressing issues first hand. He inspired me to be more giving and just by observing his work, I have learned that those who are happiest are the ones who do most for others. I have learned to give more and to help out wherever I can with my spare time and I have never been happier in my life knowing that I make others happy and I believe I have this man to thank for my happiness. I just wish that God may continue to bless him in ways he never imagined possible. He has a heart of gold and he deserves all the best things life has to offer.

The beautiful woman who makes other women beautiful

Nomsa Madida is such a talented individual. Her work speaks volumes and her acting is on another level. She is humble, down to earth, passionate, full of life, an amazing goddess and all things sexy and haute. I just love her and her amazing work, she has a body to kill for!

The man people love to hate

Gareth Cliff just oozes confidence nje. I love his don’t care attitude and the fact that he never gives in to pressure. He stands his ground and no one can ever succeed in making him change his point of view. Once he sets his mind on something, nothing and no one can get him to change it. Some call him arrogant, some call him opinionated and others even go as far as calling him insensitive and racist but hey…we can’t all be liked by everyone, especially if they disagree with you on all levels. I respect him for his honesty and drive. He doesn’t let people define him or dictate to him. Somehow when you are in the public eye people tend to think that they own you, you belong to them and they want you to do what they want but Gareth doesn’t play that game. He only does what Gareth wants and I love him for that. I’m inspired by his honesty and sense of humour.

The goddess with an angelic voice

Judith Sephuma has such an angelic voice and I love her music. Her songs speak to me and I just love her presence in all her albums. I love listening to her song Mme Motswadi every time I miss my mother and I also love Le Tshepile mang, You Are The Reason, Ke A Leboga and A Cry, A Smile, A Dance.

These are just some of the people who inspire me. I love them all and I appreciate them for the different roles they play in my life.


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