About me!

A change agent, lover of life and the performing arts…I have royal blood running through my veins although that does not define me, a princess of the Balobedu tribe from Ga-Modjadji. I would love to be known as Mokgadi the individual, not Mokgadi the princess from the royal family. I love traveling and exploring our beautiful country. I am a writer by nature but for some reason I don’t want a career as a writer, Lord knows why! I created this blog to experience how writing regularly feels like and to see if I should pursue a career in journalism or not but I love writing. For some reason I feel like my life is wasted in the Agric department and I must switch before I’m in way too deep or before I waste my time studying something I’m not passionate about. I despise chocolate, ice-cream and all things sweet because sugar and dairy products except for cheese makes me sick and I love popcorn, I can eat them all day long.


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  1. Estelle says:

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