My Greyhound experience

So I took a leap of faith and strayed from my flight routine since they can be a bit pricey at times, especially during peak season and they rob us of seeing the beauty of our country because we go over it instead of through it. Whenever I used to travel to Cape Town by bus, my parents would book me on Translux (my sister’s fault! Telling them that it’s cheaper like they are using her money SMH!) and I was always sad because I love Greyhound a lot, probably because of their excellent marketing skills. They market the Greyhound brand superbly…their marketing team deserves a Blue Label! So this one day last year I was on my way to Johannesburg and I encountered a very bad experience with Translux. It was the last day I ever used their services, the treatment they gave me after I’ve been their loyal customer for so long was traumatising. It deserves a post of it’s own since this one is for sharing my great experience with Greyhound and I don’t like badmouthing people. It’s bad enough that they lost me as a customer due to their lack of customer service skills, I don’t want them to lose any more business but lets just say the incident included me losing my purse (with my ID book, ticket and wallet inside) on my way to the bus stop and I was left stranded in Belville with no money to go back to Stellies. I will never forget that day but God is good and he helped me through it! Ever since Translux pushed me into Greyhound’s arms, I have never looked back, in fact I couldn’t be more happier. I am actually very grateful that the incident happened because if not then my parents would have never in their existence agreed to book me on Greyhound because to them it’s “expensive” but if you ask me, there’s nothing expensive about their services because you get coffee on board and on the other coaches you have to buy it so the prices are pretty much the same but their services…Greyhound wins hands down!

The breathtaking new spacious coaches

So the  journey began in Cape Town. Unfortunately I was on the Kimberley route so we didn’t get the new bus but I did travel in it in the beginning of October and need I say those are mean machines they have right there. I wanted to blog about it then but I misplaced my camera so I couldn’t post without the pics but it was the most amazing experience ever! The space, the reclining seats, the air conditioners, all the service panels on top are just to die for! The bus was delayed by an hour and 30 minutes but the one thing I love about Greyhound is that they always keep their customers updated! They sent us SMSs explaining their situation which kept me and the rest of the passengers at ease because we were informed of what was going on unlike other companies who just let you sit there without any information whatsoever. The bus eventually arrived and we left, first stop in Belville and one of the drivers got out to talk to some people. I have no idea why I peeked outside but the hotness that was the driver…WHEW! *FansSelf* I couldn’t close my mouth for a good 5 minutes! That oke is uber haute! He is so cute, so yummy I could eat him up! *Drools*

The HOT driver that got us safely to Joburg


I don’t understand why he didn’t look up though 😦

The journey was amazing, the hostess was very friendly and helpful, everything was just perfect. I can’t even fault them on the delay because they did explain that we are going to be delayed and actually apologised for it, which is more than I can say for others *side eyes a certain travel company* and we did get to our destination safe and sound! If you haven’t used their services yet then I suggest you book yourself a return trip with Greyhound to anywhere around Mzansi. We have such a beautiful country that needs to be explored and with the help of Greyhound I guarantee you the experience of a lifetime. Their prices may be a lil bit more than others but it’s worth every cent! It is luxury that you can actually afford! I will be sure to use their services again and so should you!

More pictures of their breathtaking coaches and the beauty that is our country…

The beautiful wine farms in Western Cape


Inside the coach

The beautiful mountains

Will be taking a road trip with them again some time soon


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5 Responses to My Greyhound experience

  1. RaxX Moriti says:

    Bongani you are always free to choose another bus service if you feel that greyhound treats you like a homo sapien instead of a human being. I would have to agree with rainprincess1 here.

    As a student I’ve travelled with every coachline from Cape town to Joburg and by far Greyhound is still the best. I’ve learnt that with translux if you always expect the worst from them, then they will somehow surprise you and perform better than you expected.

  2. Bongani says:

    Well, Mr or Miss, I beg to differ. Please ask me about Grayhound’s experience, I’ve never used any couche besides Geyhound, but I rather use a taxi lately. Uncomfortable as it is, it’s never late and u are treated like a real person. I’ve never received any sms apologising of being late, or maybe is it because the color of my skin. Their hostes, when u asked them something, nicely, they replied as if they are talking to a street kid. Their buses, u always find fault with them, either the chair cannot slide, or the foor rest is not working and all that shit. I remember one day, just a simple trip from jhb to pta, it was delayed by almost 3 hours, and nobody was willing to help me, untill I called the manager. He also asked me to wait, and he vanished to thin air. When u book, I normally take a upper lever if it’s a double deck and book by the window, when they decide to change to a single deck, we don’t get informed, when u tell the hostes that you booked by the wondow for a reason, she will go ‘well, it’s not my problem that they changed the bus’ what the f*ck is tat? U working for Greyhound so if I want to scream at Greyhound, u r d right person 2 scream 2. So, my experience with Greyhound has not been the pleasant one, I travel with Greyhound more than 10 times a year, but the service is kark. You don’t want me to continue about my experience with Greyhound. Can I stop there 4 now, unless you want more.

    • Ooooooh Bongani, careful with the bile you spewing there. I don’t work for Greyhound hey, and if you want to scream to anyone go to their facebook page or twitter or better yet, send an email with your complaints to I am talking about MY experience here, not anyone else’s. All the things I said in my post are true and correct. I don’t work for Greyhound and I don’t have any relationship with them except for me using their services. I received 3 SMSs informing me of their delay, so I’m thinking the reason you never got any is because the coaches you’ve used were never late. From ever since I’ve used Greyhound the coaches were only late twice so we have experienced different situations with them. I’m sorry about your experience. What does your skin colour have to do with this again? Contact them, I’m sure they will be happy to assist you.

  3. great post and lovely photos 🙂

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