A post I came across that touched my heart

Wow! This is so enlightening, such powerful words…I wish my fellow sisters could learn a thing or two from it. If all the signs that He’s Just Not That Into You are all there, then why keep going back for more misery? Why hurt yourself by settling for second best when you can have so much more elsewhere? It’s something to think about! Do you love yourself enough to know your worth or will you continue letting spineless fools keep on messing with you? Your choice!

Just Curious

I had to send this to a friend of mine last week and I just got this feeling that there could be a lot more other gals out there who need to read this. I read it when the book first came out, I actually bought the book (makes me feel kinda pathetic) and this extract is the gospel man, truer words have rarely ever been spoken. Thank me later!

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