All about Emkay!

It’s official, I’m heading towards my sell-by-date. If I were a yogurt I’d be the one of dubious freshness, the one with the ever-so-slightly-puffy-lid. But the advantage of being on the (diary) shelf is that it’s a great place to take stock of your life.

back in 1998 when I graduated from pre-school with my then best friend Maphoko Letseku. It was a very nice feeling, I remember like it was yesterday.

I remember planing my brilliant future when I just started high school. At the time it seemed infinitely far away, like a trip to the moon, and I’d benchmark it with statements such as “when I’m really old like 20”.

Time passes at the speed of light and here I am getting older and wiser. My ever-so-slightly-puffy-posterior has been squeezed into a pair of jeans and the only hint of a moon I see belongs to the 15 year olds, whose trendy G-strings rise alarmingly above their low slung pants. I’m in a club and thinking “what the heck am I doing here?” I remember when jeans had a waistband for crying out loud.

I am a lover of life and a very spontaneous person. I never let what people say about me bring me down. I am a go-getter and I always strive to achieve my goals, a positive thinker and I always tell myself that “I CAN DO IT” no matter how impossible the situation may seem at the time.

I don’t listen to the negative things people have to say about me and I do what makes ME comfortable. I never, under any circumstances let what I can’t do interfere with what I can do. I am just an extraordinary girl living in an ordinary world and I come across as a bit shy but once I get comfortable around people I am unstoppable.

Being an intern on Just Curious will help me grow as a person and I will get to be doing what I love most…writing. I want to expand my knowledge by writing but for some reason I don’t want to study journalism, Lord knows why, but I do believe that if awarded this opportunity I’m gonna make the best of it by learning as much as I possibly can on Just Curious. I want to gain more experience and broaden my horizons so that when I further my studies, I will have more perspective and it will be easier to decide what I really want to do. This life changing opportunity (according to me) will help steer me in the right direction and decide if I really want a career in journalism or not. I really hope and pray that I get awarded this opportunity of a lifetime.

So long…


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An extraordinary girl living in an ordinary world!
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