My Life…

It’s been nothing to me, I feel as though it’s not even mine. Nobody ever asks what I want, nobody ever tells that they care. I feel alone, betrayed and most of all useless. It’s never about me…It’s always because I want to please other people.

Then what use have I got? When everything is said and done to me? Have I no say in what should be mine? I don’t care about the 80% average, I don’t care about nice clothes and expensive watches.

I just wanna be me! I want to be able to act my age, be my age and do what I want, not for anybody else but me. Is that all too much to ask??? What I want, all my dreams, all my pains and all my joy…all of it is kept only to me and nobody else but me.


About rainprincess1

An extraordinary girl living in an ordinary world!
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