My Greyhound experience

So I took a leap of faith and strayed from my flight routine since they can be a bit pricey at times, especially during peak season and they rob us of seeing the beauty of our country because we go over it instead of through it. Whenever I used to travel to Cape Town by bus, my parents would book me on Translux (my sister’s fault! Telling them that it’s cheaper like they are using her money SMH!) and I was always sad because I love Greyhound a lot, probably because of their excellent marketing skills. They market the Greyhound brand superbly…their marketing team deserves a Blue Label! So this one day last year I was on my way to Johannesburg and I encountered a very bad experience with Translux. It was the last day I ever used their services, the treatment they gave me after I’ve been their loyal customer for so long was traumatising. It deserves a post of it’s own since this one is for sharing my great experience with Greyhound and I don’t like badmouthing people. It’s bad enough that they lost me as a customer due to their lack of customer service skills, I don’t want them to lose any more business but lets just say the incident included me losing my purse (with my ID book, ticket and wallet inside) on my way to the bus stop and I was left stranded in Belville with no money to go back to Stellies. I will never forget that day but God is good and he helped me through it! Ever since Translux pushed me into Greyhound’s arms, I have never looked back, in fact I couldn’t be more happier. I am actually very grateful that the incident happened because if not then my parents would have never in their existence agreed to book me on Greyhound because to them it’s “expensive” but if you ask me, there’s nothing expensive about their services because you get coffee on board and on the other coaches you have to buy it so the prices are pretty much the same but their services…Greyhound wins hands down!

The breathtaking new spacious coaches

So the  journey began in Cape Town. Unfortunately I was on the Kimberley route so we didn’t get the new bus but I did travel in it in the beginning of October and need I say those are mean machines they have right there. I wanted to blog about it then but I misplaced my camera so I couldn’t post without the pics but it was the most amazing experience ever! The space, the reclining seats, the air conditioners, all the service panels on top are just to die for! The bus was delayed by an hour and 30 minutes but the one thing I love about Greyhound is that they always keep their customers updated! They sent us SMSs explaining their situation which kept me and the rest of the passengers at ease because we were informed of what was going on unlike other companies who just let you sit there without any information whatsoever. The bus eventually arrived and we left, first stop in Belville and one of the drivers got out to talk to some people. I have no idea why I peeked outside but the hotness that was the driver…WHEW! *FansSelf* I couldn’t close my mouth for a good 5 minutes! That oke is uber haute! He is so cute, so yummy I could eat him up! *Drools*

The HOT driver that got us safely to Joburg


I don’t understand why he didn’t look up though 😦

The journey was amazing, the hostess was very friendly and helpful, everything was just perfect. I can’t even fault them on the delay because they did explain that we are going to be delayed and actually apologised for it, which is more than I can say for others *side eyes a certain travel company* and we did get to our destination safe and sound! If you haven’t used their services yet then I suggest you book yourself a return trip with Greyhound to anywhere around Mzansi. We have such a beautiful country that needs to be explored and with the help of Greyhound I guarantee you the experience of a lifetime. Their prices may be a lil bit more than others but it’s worth every cent! It is luxury that you can actually afford! I will be sure to use their services again and so should you!

More pictures of their breathtaking coaches and the beauty that is our country…

The beautiful wine farms in Western Cape


Inside the coach

The beautiful mountains

Will be taking a road trip with them again some time soon

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20 years ago on this day a miracle happened!

It was 20 years ago on a Monday morning, the 2nd of November 1992 when my mom was blessed with a wonderful baby girl. My dad held his little princess with pride and they raised her to be such an amazingly remarkable young woman.

I remember my life from as early as 1997 when I was just 5 years and starting kindergarten. Mom dropped me off on my first day of school and I cried until they decided it’s enough and called her to come fetch me. It took me 2 weeks to blend in and accept that my days with mom are no more. I only saw her after work and it was kind of weird as I used to spend the whole day with her at her work place. I made friends with three girls named Karabo, Maphoko and Motlatso and we became the best of friends, did everything together and I even moved in with my grandmother to spare my mom the trip of dropping me off daily. It didn’t even feel like I moved out because mom came to visit every chance she got. Time flies at the speed of light, 2 years later I saw myself graduating and actually starting primary school. Those were the best years of my life, time spent with loved ones and making friends in all corners of the school. Mid 2002 old age decided to claim my grandmother and I had to go back home. I had to start over at a new school and make new friends and the transition was a bit challenging but I did it, I found new friends in less than a week and life went on as usual. My primary school years ended at the end of 2005 and I had to enter my teen years.

My high school years started on a high note in 2006 with all my friends from kindergarten and Primary school coming together and reuniting all over again. Everyone had changed a lot but it was a great experience and I sailed through life like the free spirited girl that I am! Things happened, life happened and everything just got messed up in the middle of 2008 but I didn’t let it define me, I actually went on with my life like nothing happened. One minute I had friends and the next I was all alone and lonely but I managed to pull through and continued with my head held high. Everyone had turned against me just because of my status and not even once had I ever waved my status in anyone’s face. Most people didn’t even know who I was, only one person whom I regarded as my best friend knew everything about me. I don’t even know when or how the jealousy started but she managed to turn almost everyone against me. Suddenly everyone had an opinion about me and they didn’t even know me! They seemed to forget that the school they were attending was built by Nelson Mandela for MY aunt! I became isolated and learned to rely on myself, for a whole 2 years I was all alone with no friends. The day I wrote my final matric exam I breathed a sigh of relief, I was finally free! Suddenly Whitney Houston’s Exhale had a meaning and I finally found the point where I exhaled in my soul. My mom always told me never to trust anyone especially when you are from the royal family because sometimes it invited loads of trouble and hypocrites who are only there for the high life and I finally realised what she was talking about.

I came to Stellenbosch last year not because I wanted to be here but because I just wanted to get as far away from that place and it’s people as possible. I thought the move here was gonna help but it did NOT help at all. They are still talking about me, gossiping, having opinions, telling me how to live my life and suddenly it feels like I don’t even own it anymore. For some reason they feel like they have some kind of entitlement towards me and that’s not on! Everyone over analyses everything I do and I’m not allowed to make mistakes…and they still think I care! It’s like they think I am some kind of a super woman with super powers, everyone expects me to live my life according to their way and it stops NOW!

I am taking charge of my life! I refuse to let people tell me what to do with it! Today I am no longer a teenager, I’m moving into adulthood! My parents have raised a young responsible woman and to them I will probably always be their little princess and it’s a good thing. I still can’t believe all the things I’ve been through in my life but they were just trials and tribulations and I passed them all. A wise person once said “A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water!” And now I do believe that I am a strong woman! Sometimes I feel like Lira wrote the song titled Something Inside So Strong for me because I can relate to it very well. There really is something very strong inside me and it’s gonna pull me through as I continue this journey called life.

Here’s to more years of making my life a success only some people could dream of!

grown up to be an incredible woman

grown up to be an incredible woman

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To everyone who is…

Love is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But if you just let it fly, it will come to you when you least expect it. Love can make you happy and it hurts sometimes, but it is only special when you give it to someone who is worth it, so take your time and choose the best.

Love isn’t about becoming somebody else’s “perfect person.” It is about finding someone who helps you become the best you can be and brings out the best in you.

Never say “I love you” if you don’t mean it. Never talk about feelings if they are not there. Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart. Never look in the eye when all you do is lie. The most cruel thing a guy can do to a girl is to let her fall in love when he has no intention of catching her and it goes both ways…

Love is not about “it’s your fault” but “I’m sorry.” “Not “where are you” but “I am right here.” Not “how could you” but “I understand.” Not “I wish you were” but “I’m thankful that you are.”

The true measure of compatibility is not the years spent together but how good you really are for each other.

Heartbreaks last as long as you want and cut as deep as you allow them to. The challenge is not how to survive heartbreaks but to learn from them.

How to be in love: Fall but don’t stumble, be consistent but not too persistent, share and never be unfair, understand and try not to demand, and get hurt but never keep records of the pain.

It is heartbreaking to see the one you love happy with someone else but it is more painful to know that the one you love is unhappy with you.

Love hurts when you break up with someone. It hurts even more when someone breaks up with you. But love hurts the most when the person you love has no idea how you feel.

A sad thing about life is when you meet someone and fall in love, only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be and you have wasted years on someone who wasn’t worth it. If he isn’t worth it now he’s not gonna be worth it a year or 10 years from now. Let go…

My wish for you is a partner whose love is unconditional, honest, strong, mature, never-changing, uplifting, protective, encouraging, rewarding and unselfish

Let’s all learn to love each other!

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A post I came across that touched my heart

Wow! This is so enlightening, such powerful words…I wish my fellow sisters could learn a thing or two from it. If all the signs that He’s Just Not That Into You are all there, then why keep going back for more misery? Why hurt yourself by settling for second best when you can have so much more elsewhere? It’s something to think about! Do you love yourself enough to know your worth or will you continue letting spineless fools keep on messing with you? Your choice!

Just Curious

I had to send this to a friend of mine last week and I just got this feeling that there could be a lot more other gals out there who need to read this. I read it when the book first came out, I actually bought the book (makes me feel kinda pathetic) and this extract is the gospel man, truer words have rarely ever been spoken. Thank me later!

View original post 1,810 more words

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Social Network Interaction…Are you for or against them?!?

On Friday I attended a local event organised by a Love Life representative, Phetole Lionel Kgatla. The event was focused on the impact of social networks in the youth of today and how we can solve the problem that is the social networks swallowing our youth.

The event started with some ice breakers to get the guests in the mood.

The man of the moment Mr Lionel Kgatla

The legendary Lionel Kgatla known for organising successful events in our area organised yet another heated dialogue between parents and the youth to hear their views on social networks and what they think should be done to ensure sustainable use of these helpful tools, that can turn into an ugly monster if you’re not careful with them. He is a Love Life representative in one of our wards in the area and he is doing a very good job of including the whole community in everything he does.

Everyone was just energetic.

What are Social Network Interactions (SNI) and what do you think of them?

This was the first question that was asked. Some of the responses from the crowd were; SNIs are: “things which people use to share information and I think they must be terminated.” “Another way of communicating with people.” “Another way of communicating at a low price.” “A way of communicating with peers and sharing other stuff.” “A way of sharing media. I am against it because it causes problems for a lot of people and it’s not okay.”

Lovely way of getting everyone involved.

Are Social Networks breaking or making the youth?

After everyone got a bit of an idea as to what SNI is, they got a second question and they were asked to break into two groups, one which supports SNI, and the other group which is against it. As expected, all the adults were in one group, yes you guessed right… the group against SNI. The group had a small amount of the youth in it, of whom I think either don’t have access to social networks or they encountered a very bad experience with them because as a glorified addict who is in most of these social networks, I know it’s not that easy for our generation to function without them so the youth that was in that group clearly has issues, but who am I to judge??? They have their reasons. Okay enough about my personal views, this was not even about me anyway so the two groups got 40 minutes to discuss the topic at hand and give a presentation with reasons why they opted for that particular side.

The group that’s against social networks hard at work.

Picking each other’s brains.


Parents posing for the camera.

More of the participating women.

The lovely women who came to voice their opinions.

Victor and his friend during the discussions.

The group that’s for social networks!

I swear these people live for social networking!

The group rooting for social networks brainstorming their ideas.

Tumi and Kagiso from Lethabong Youth Club posing for the camera during discussions.

Tumi and I posing for the camera

More youth brainstorming.

Some valid points being made by the different groups.

The youth making their voice heard!

The group that went first was the one against SNI. They raised some valid points but whoever does all these things they mentioned is just plain stupid according to me.

Victor Mahasha presenting for the group that’s against Social Networks.

Pastor Selowa emphasising on some of the points being made by the group against.


  • Social Networks disturb lessons
  • They promote naked media publishing
  • Destroy people’s vocabulary
  • Devil worshippers can get to you through them
  • People get kidnapped or find their long lost family members
  • They are used as dating sites
  • They promote gossiping
  • Separates married people and friends
  • Secrets are easily leaked

The second group attacked them with some difficult questions and some of them were left unanswered. The group for SNI then went in for the kill with their killer and flawless presentation. (I know I sound biased because I love Social networks but I’m not, really! This is what went down.)

The second group’s presentation was very good and clear.


  • It is a cheaper way of communication
  • A free marketing tool and comes with a lot of job opportunuties
  • You can communicate with a lot of people at the same time at a lower cost
  • They help meet new people
  • You can establish study groups

There was only two questions for group 2, more like clarifications and I had to step in every now and again to also give my 2 cents worth input but it did go a long way.

Advantages and disadvantages

After both groups have made their presentations, Mahlatse Rampedi, Regional Manager of Love Life also did a presentation of her own, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of SNI from Love Life’s point of view.


  • Cheaper form of communication
  • Friends and family can be reached
  • Youth from different backgrounds have platforms to communicate
  • Educational material can be shared
  • Free marketing tool
  • Improves communication


  • Used as a platform to spread illegal visual material
  • Kidnappers use it to meet victims (only stupid people get kidnapped this way!)
  • The youth get exposed to criminal activities and lose concentration on their school work
  • Expensive devices are required to access some of the applications and it can cause financial backlogs

How can we ensure the effectiveness in the usage of Social Networks?

  • Honesty
  • Know what you want
  • Be disciplined
  • Time management
  • No cellphones (BULL by the way, the same people saying this are the ones who gon buy them anyway!)
  • Supervised access to internet (Like I would let my mom tag along to the mall with me!)
  • Community education
  •  Parental guidance
  • Parents must attend ABET classes (Good idea but it we will still outsmart them!)

In conclusion, it was an extremely good interaction and everyone finally came to a bit of understanding although some people still had reservations. It was a very good and heated debate from both sides supported by valid reasons, the kind of topics that need to be dealt with on a regular basis. The event was very successful and the attendance from parents was good as opposed to the youth because most of them were still at school. I just wish that maybe it should have been held over the weekend so that we could have a little more youth attendance since the event was mostly about them. It would have helped in getting the message across fast but nonetheless, let’s hope the parents learnt something and they will use the gathered information to help their children and communities.

Lionel is doing a very good job with community interaction and it would be really cool if he organised events like these at least twice a month so that parents and their children can engage in these things together so that they understand everything better. I would love to go again and this time, with more people. Although our youth attendance was very minimal and the others decided to go against the youth code and join the parent’s group… the group against SNI was shown flames! *Runs away before mmaThapelo calls my mom* I’m just glad everything turned out well. It was a day to remember!

More pictures from the event…

Makoma and William feeling funky.

The Mpintshis posing for the Camera.

The Love Life Mpintshis hard at work.

Members of Lethabong Youth Club Mpho and Sello (aka Morio) posing for the camera.

Pastor Selowa posing for the camera…she’s also on the Love Life committee, talk about commitments!

The guests doing ice breakers.

The crew that made this event possible!

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All about Emkay!

It’s official, I’m heading towards my sell-by-date. If I were a yogurt I’d be the one of dubious freshness, the one with the ever-so-slightly-puffy-lid. But the advantage of being on the (diary) shelf is that it’s a great place to take stock of your life.

back in 1998 when I graduated from pre-school with my then best friend Maphoko Letseku. It was a very nice feeling, I remember like it was yesterday.

I remember planing my brilliant future when I just started high school. At the time it seemed infinitely far away, like a trip to the moon, and I’d benchmark it with statements such as “when I’m really old like 20”.

Time passes at the speed of light and here I am getting older and wiser. My ever-so-slightly-puffy-posterior has been squeezed into a pair of jeans and the only hint of a moon I see belongs to the 15 year olds, whose trendy G-strings rise alarmingly above their low slung pants. I’m in a club and thinking “what the heck am I doing here?” I remember when jeans had a waistband for crying out loud.

I am a lover of life and a very spontaneous person. I never let what people say about me bring me down. I am a go-getter and I always strive to achieve my goals, a positive thinker and I always tell myself that “I CAN DO IT” no matter how impossible the situation may seem at the time.

I don’t listen to the negative things people have to say about me and I do what makes ME comfortable. I never, under any circumstances let what I can’t do interfere with what I can do. I am just an extraordinary girl living in an ordinary world and I come across as a bit shy but once I get comfortable around people I am unstoppable.

Being an intern on Just Curious will help me grow as a person and I will get to be doing what I love most…writing. I want to expand my knowledge by writing but for some reason I don’t want to study journalism, Lord knows why, but I do believe that if awarded this opportunity I’m gonna make the best of it by learning as much as I possibly can on Just Curious. I want to gain more experience and broaden my horizons so that when I further my studies, I will have more perspective and it will be easier to decide what I really want to do. This life changing opportunity (according to me) will help steer me in the right direction and decide if I really want a career in journalism or not. I really hope and pray that I get awarded this opportunity of a lifetime.

So long…

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When the cat’s away, the mice come out to play!

Ha! Who knew Christmas was gonna come this early? When Brown Shuga was packing for her well deserved holiday, she decided to leave her phone and computer behind or maybe forgot them but who cares anyway? All that matters is she doesn’t have her gadgets with, so we get to run the Just Curious world! Can I get a YAY! *\☺/* So I guess it’s our cue to do as we please? Yes? No? Maybe? Oh well! It was worth a try!

But on a more serious note though, the first thing I would do is conduct research as to which topics the JC readers would like to read about, and also add some of the topics which I feel need to be engaged. I will post a blog where everyone gets to comment and let me know what they want to see on the JC website.

Assuming that BS left over the weekend and I had to attend some events that weekend, on the first day I would blog about the events I attended and the scoop and all the mgozi that unfolded, sparring no details! (The way that I love drama though). The second day I would probably organise an interview with a well known celebrity whom the readers are curious to read more about. I would interview Shaka Sisulu for his wonderful contribution towards charities. I would also get guest bloggers to submit blogs about anything and everything under the sun or the moon then choose the most interesting one to post.

The youngster with a heart of gold

For the rest of the week I would organise one-on-one sessions with the readers and a well known stylist for fashion tips, Palesa Mahlaba, and Nomsa Madida for beauty and make-up tips.

Simply stylish or as she calls herself…Simply Palesa

The beautiful goddess that is Nomsa Madida who makes other goddesses beautiful for a living.

Riaan Venter and/or Max Thongani professionals who know  tons when it comes to DIY can also help the readers with some useful tips around their households and gardens.

The hunks who help people do it for themselves every Saturday morning at 8:30 on SABC 2

A financial adviser and a businessman/woman to share their secrets to success and tips on starting new businesses for those who are interested. Personally I would go for Khanyi Dhlomo because the woman has made her mark and she is a very successful and hard working businesswoman. I am sure all the ladies would appreciate some advice from one of their own, on the other hand, the guys wouldn’t mind some eye candy along with the tips.

Beauty with a purpose…and brains! That’s Khanyi Dhlomo for you.

IT people will blog about the latest gadgets and software, and how to find our way around them for those who cant. Movie freaks and geeks can review the latest movies and let us (who don’t have enough time to waste on crappy movies but have all the time in the world for blogging on JC) know which movies to go for and which ones to stay away from.

iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3? Let the professionals enlighten us with the features.

I feel that somehow Gareth Cliff,  Lulo Cafe and Ntsiki Mazwai (or as she’s known around JC Solange Mazwai) are some of the schlebs who are misunderstood by the JC readers so getting them to do an exclusive one-on-one with the readers where they get to ask them all the itching questions they’ve been having all along would go a long way and it would probably make the readers understand them more on a personal level. Then finally at the end of the week we will wrap everything up with the weekend tradition Anything Goes!

The opinionated Gareth whom everyone would like to see jump off a Cliff!

The man who is known to the JC readers as the sferb of all time but who can blame him though, if the rumours are true??? Lulo Cafe is smokin haute!

But Mamiya is beautiful and to be honest, I still don’t get why people say she doesn’t bath…Ntsiki Mazwai is very talented.

I will do as much as I can to try and accommodate every reader by focusing on everything and tackling all possible topics so that I involve everyone without making anyone feel left out. I will make sure that all the readers keep coming back for more and also dream about JC every night. When everyone opens a web browser, the JC website will be the only thing racing through their minds yearning to find out what’s in store for them.

When I’m done with them they will be asking Brown Shuga to retire and leave me in charge. *Okay that’s a bit too exaggerated…dreams money can’t buy*

So that’s my week as the lady in charge of JC! I hope BS will leave behind her technological devices more often, I could do this any time all year round 😉

I’m out!

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My Life…

It’s been nothing to me, I feel as though it’s not even mine. Nobody ever asks what I want, nobody ever tells that they care. I feel alone, betrayed and most of all useless. It’s never about me…It’s always because I want to please other people.

Then what use have I got? When everything is said and done to me? Have I no say in what should be mine? I don’t care about the 80% average, I don’t care about nice clothes and expensive watches.

I just wanna be me! I want to be able to act my age, be my age and do what I want, not for anybody else but me. Is that all too much to ask??? What I want, all my dreams, all my pains and all my joy…all of it is kept only to me and nobody else but me.

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Maybe the move to Stellenbosch was a mistake?

How much longer do I have to suffer this terrible flu? This has been going on since I moved to Stellenbosch and it’s killing me. Every time I come home or go to Stellies then I have to adapt to the new weather conditions and it’s not fun at all.

So how do I take care of this problem of mine? I have tried countless possible solutions but it’s just not working, even tried a dozen of meds but the bug just won’t go away. I really thought my body would be used to it by now but nothing has happened. Maybe it’s time to quickly finish up my degree so that I won’t have to undergo all these adaptations and sore body parts.

Maybe someone can shed some light into this matter, I need to get rid of this. It’s bad enough that I missed the last weekend’s events but if I have to miss again this weekend then there will be war. I refuse to be bed ridden by a flu bug…

It’s just not on!!!

Till next time 🙂

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Hello world!

So I finally swallowed my pride and started blogging. I have so many things running through my head and I just felt like sharing them with the rest of the world.

I hope people will enjoy my thoughts and getting to know me a little more. I will try to be as honest as I can and that’s a promise.

The Rain Princess is happy to finally be able to grace you with her awesome presence.

You are all loved dearly

Happy blogging!

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